The Magnises Black Card Is A Great Purchase For Young Socialites

Billy McFarland was in his early 20s when he founded Magnises, which has now become a raving success. Being a young professional himself, Billy knew that many young professionals would like to have fun whenever they could, but there are some obstacles to getting to enjoy the good life. Even with money on hand, some were turned away from going into certain clubs because they were dressed inappropriately, or maybe didn’t know the right people to get them inside. Some were unable to get into concerts on that inevitably were sold out because they didn’t stand in line for hours to get their tickets.

Even getting restaurant reservations and other discounts may have been a problem for young professionals. The way that Billy McFarland solved the problems that many young professionals were having in New York City, as well as other places, is by creating the Magnises card, which gets them discounts, insider information about special events, member only parties, passes to nightclubs, access to great seating at sports events and more. Magnises is all about helping young socialites to become VIP members and to get the best of everything for a lower cost.

Many young professionals aren’t too concerned about the cost of entertainment, even in a place like New York City. The problem is, even those that have the money to get into certain venues would be turned away, so having a Magnises card that would give them access to the same venue means the card holder didn’t have to worry about getting in the venue. Those that want the Magnises card will have to obtain it by getting a membership. Every Magnises card is different because any person can add extras to their card to make it much more personalized for themselves. Some may choose to add certain passes to their card or to leave the card as it is with a standard membership.

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Since Magnises has several passes that can be utilized with the card, it’s important to know what these passes are and how they can help the member. One important pass is the ClubPass, which will allow access to nightclubs in New York with an absolute guarantee of entrance when the pass is added to the Magnises card. The pass costs an extra fee per month but is necessary for those who want to make sure they’re never turned away from any club. The HotelPass ensures that its user will get room discounts as well as free upgrades.

A SportsPass is also an excellent choice because it can get the card holder some amazing seats at just about any sports event. Anyone who wants a WorkPass will love it because of the access it gives them to a co-working space, which is a desk in the Alley building in New York. Along with becoming a Magnises member, each member will be able to enjoy private get-togethers that are only for members, heavily discounted purchases, exclusive events and more, all for a nominal monthly fee.