How Handy Shifted Its Focus From Expansion To Profit Making

Handy is a startup that got its beginning in 2012. It can be said to be the Uber of home cleaning and home repair. The people behind Handy are Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Oisin is the CEO of the company, while Umang Dua is the chief operating officer.

In the beginning, Handy, like most startups in the years from 2012-2015 were focused on growth and not profits. The company managed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars, but the expectation was to continue growing the product or service and not focus on profits. This would eventually change, as the venture capital bubble would burst sooner or later.

Late 2015 and early 2016, saw venture capitalists focus less on expansion of the companies they were investing in and more on profits., unfortunately was in a major rut caused by the implementation of an online on boarding process that saw some of its staff leave en masse. As the company suffered, both Oisin and Umang were worried about the future of Handy and whether it would be profitable.

Over time, as Oisin Hanrahan managed to stick by his digital onboarding model, the company slowly recovered. Handy managed to whether the venture capital storm on focusing on profits instead of growth and expansion by implementing cost cutting and profit driven initiatives well before the bubble took place.

For example, the painful decision was made to outsource its New York City based calling center to cheaper ones in Florida and Missouri. The company also further automated its customer service department with the use of chat bots and automated software. Handy also began focusing on market development and customer acquisition in 2015 instead of continuing to burn money by trying to enter new markets. Putting profits ahead of expansion was an often painful and difficult task, but it is one that has set Handy on the course of profitability and sustainability for the long haul.


Brian Bonar: A Man on a Mission

Brian Bonar is a big businessman and a successful executive in the department of finance. Brian was appointed as the chairman and the chief executive officer of the Trucept since March 2010. The company was formerly known as Smart-Tech Solution Inc. Bonar also serves as the Principal Account Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer of the enterprise.

Bonar received his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, a doctorate from Staffordshire University and an MBA from the same University.

The amount of experience Bonar has gained working with various companies in financial department is outstanding and incredible. One of the companies he had previously managed includes Dalrada financial corporation.

Bonar also studied at Watt Technical College where he attained his Bachelor’s Degree, and this is where he learned his technical methods of approaching business. His educational background plays a major and significant role in his success in the business world today.

He has a good reputation of pursuing business and making great achievements. Bonar has worked his way up through various positions in different organizations as he dreamed of moving to a higher level, he established his company and called it Bezier systems.

The main techniques that make him different from his workmates are the facts that he has special techniques and approach in business. He is very creative and combines that with his technical genius and the power of being an architect. In addition to his specialties come mergers and acquisitions hence he is bound for success in every business he pursues.

Serving at Trucept gives Bonar a chance to increase his experience and growth businesswise; the company mainly focuses on bringing solutions to other companies. Trucept helps manage the various department of an organization allowing the said company just to concentrate on doing business. Some of the department they manage includes human resource administration, running payrolls and staffing solutions as well as handling taxes among others. Brian is not just the president but also the chairman of the board members of the company.

July 2015, bityslink updated a post about Brian Bonar where he was described as a leader and an executive. The post further talks of Bonar’s business history and accomplishment. He served at IBM as a procurement manager before moving to QMS where he worked as the Director of Engineering and also managed over a 100 other staff in the company. He later joined Adaptec where he managed as Sales Manager. Upon gathering enough experience, Bonar started his organizations as mentioned above.

In 2000 Bonar received who is who in America’s award. Bonar is also a family man and loves spending time with his family. Other than working, Bonar enjoys boating and golfing during his free time.

The Magnises Black Card Is A Great Purchase For Young Socialites

Billy McFarland was in his early 20s when he founded Magnises, which has now become a raving success. Being a young professional himself, Billy knew that many young professionals would like to have fun whenever they could, but there are some obstacles to getting to enjoy the good life. Even with money on hand, some were turned away from going into certain clubs because they were dressed inappropriately, or maybe didn’t know the right people to get them inside. Some were unable to get into concerts on that inevitably were sold out because they didn’t stand in line for hours to get their tickets.

Even getting restaurant reservations and other discounts may have been a problem for young professionals. The way that Billy McFarland solved the problems that many young professionals were having in New York City, as well as other places, is by creating the Magnises card, which gets them discounts, insider information about special events, member only parties, passes to nightclubs, access to great seating at sports events and more. Magnises is all about helping young socialites to become VIP members and to get the best of everything for a lower cost.

Many young professionals aren’t too concerned about the cost of entertainment, even in a place like New York City. The problem is, even those that have the money to get into certain venues would be turned away, so having a Magnises card that would give them access to the same venue means the card holder didn’t have to worry about getting in the venue. Those that want the Magnises card will have to obtain it by getting a membership. Every Magnises card is different because any person can add extras to their card to make it much more personalized for themselves. Some may choose to add certain passes to their card or to leave the card as it is with a standard membership.

Read more: Carded: What It’s Like to Own a Magnises Card

Since Magnises has several passes that can be utilized with the card, it’s important to know what these passes are and how they can help the member. One important pass is the ClubPass, which will allow access to nightclubs in New York with an absolute guarantee of entrance when the pass is added to the Magnises card. The pass costs an extra fee per month but is necessary for those who want to make sure they’re never turned away from any club. The HotelPass ensures that its user will get room discounts as well as free upgrades.

A SportsPass is also an excellent choice because it can get the card holder some amazing seats at just about any sports event. Anyone who wants a WorkPass will love it because of the access it gives them to a co-working space, which is a desk in the Alley building in New York. Along with becoming a Magnises member, each member will be able to enjoy private get-togethers that are only for members, heavily discounted purchases, exclusive events and more, all for a nominal monthly fee.


Discover The Secret To Long Beautiful Locks

Building your hair has never been easier with Wen hair by Chaz available for all hair care types. They provide all natural ingredients that replenish your hair and work on nourishment from the root to the tip. They help you restore your hair for a fraction of the cost of what it takes to continue regular trips to the salon or pricey celebrity advertised products. You’ll never have to worry about how your hair will get the revitalization that it needs. They offer hair magic in a bottle that everyone can afford with most products reasonably priced at under $40. Available online via eBay or thru Guthy-Renker.

Does Wen By Chaz Work?

Wen by Chaz tackles your hair with a regimen that works with no harsh additives that threaten to further strip or damage your hair. Their hair care system is trusted by thousands of men and women around the world. Their most popular hair product is their strengthening conditioner that was used by one young lady and reported to the Bustle online readers. She reported having thin hair that was breaking off in the shower and opted to use their strengthening conditioner after every shampoo for one week. She would use the conditioner after each wash and she how the results worked on her hair care type.

After using it for one week she discovered far less breakage than what she normally experienced in the shower. She now recommends Wen by Chaz as an affordable hair care solution. There are a number of ways for you to order their products and have them shipped to your door in under a week. Most forms of payment are accepted conveniently on their website. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grow your hair and bring it back to an all natural state that is easy to manage.

Ricardo Tosto Provides the Best Legal Assistance in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian lawyer who has garnered great reputation in the Brazilian legal field. He has represented companies and people in cases that have gained lots of attention in Brazil. Besides defending his clients in court, Mr. Tosto is among the pioneers who adopted several legal mechanisms that are currently being used as legal tools.

Ricardo Tosto is a Mackenzie University alumnus who graduated with a degree in Law. He also studied Business Administration at Fundação Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP). Mr. Tosto practices commercial law, administrative law and credit recovery among others. He is also a partner and one of the founders of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. This law firm is one of the best firms in Brazil and is even listed in the top ten law firms in the country by trade publication Yearbook Analysis Advocacy 500. The firm has its headquarters in Sao Paulo and has branches in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados deals with business law and offers extensive legal support for companies in various industries. The firm also has a proven history of excellence in the practice of conflict resolution such as administrative and judicial ligation as well as arbitration.

Ricardo Tosto is a proficient Brazilian Lawyer who is approved by the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (OAB) to practice law. Besides being a member of the OAB, Mr. Tosto is a former president of the Judicial Reform Committee and the Judicial Modernization Committee at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil/Sao Paulo Section (OAB/SP).

The Order of Attorneys of Brazil, also known as the Brazilian Bar Association is an organization made up of more than 847,921 lawyers. The lawyers regulate the legal profession in Brazil and ensure that lawyers comply with the government regulations concerning the law and all professions associated with it.

The organization was founded as a private institution in 1843 and still works as an independent agency. However, it works with the government to make sure that the lawyer members are upholding the Brazilian Constitution. The members of the Attorneys of Brazil (OAB) are approved by the bar examination and can appear before the Court as well as provide legal consultation to clients.

Universities and Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management a useful tool, better than a traditional resume because it is more informative.

In today’s job market the perspective employer routinely looks the applicant up online. With a website and reputation management, you are able to show your abilities to a better degree. You are able to show your past work or articles that you may have written. You are creating a digital footprint,

You would be surprised at how easy it is for someone to malign you online and it will stick with you for years to come.

Even though you have a college degree, stop and think about how many employers have asked to see your diploma, or ask about your grade point average.

Therefore as suggests, the universities should teach classes in reputation management in order to help their students obtain their goals. A class that encompasses the social media, how dangerous it can be and also the opportunities to be had. You can gain an audience that reflects on your business instead of just socializing with your friends. Whether you are aware of it or not, the social media channels can actually garner your business opportunities.

Approximately 84% of the decision makers of today will start by using a referral. Google is usually the first place they look for these referrals. This is one reason that you need to get that online presence out there.

It seems silly to work to perfect a resume when the first place that the employer is going to look is the internet. 75% of all Human Resource Departments have programs for just this purpose, and they will learn everything they can.

You can put your business in the forefront by building a great brand that will bring you in the sales you need. There should be a course about building your value as a prospective employee and teaches you how to build that great brand.

The most important thing about the online reputation management is learning how to manage them. We can only hope that the colleges and universities start to take our present digital world a bit more seriously and start teaching people how to manage their online reputations.

An article on has a lot more information on this subject and is worth looking at.

A Brief Recap of Sweetgreen Salad Chain

Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru were fresh out of college at Georgetown when they opened up a restaurant. Their aim was to establish a healthy but hip place that would be farm-to-table. They called it Sweetgreen, and they received funding from about forty relatives and friends. They’ve done better than they could have imagined. Eight years later, they preside over a chain. Sweetgreen has opened in 31 places, and is preparing to open another nine restaurants by year’s end.

But that’s not all. They’ve also flown past three rounds of venture capital worth $95 million. Jammet, one of the company’s co-CEOs, recently sat down for an interview with Bloomberg. He explained how the germ for their company was seeded and how they’ve progressed with their lucrative business project.

The three co-founders met their freshman year of college at Georgetown. As graduation approached, the three were dissatisfied with the structured employment options lying ahead of them, the last thing they wanted was to working long hours in an office cubicle. Children of entrepreneurs, they quickly decided to strike out on their own and build their own business.

They quickly zeroed in on healthy food options in Georgetown, or the lack-thereof. They opened a salad shop offering healthy and nutritious options. Now, all these years later, their business pitch hasn’t changed. They don’t just sell healthy food, they sell a set of values about doing things correctly and sustainably.

Plus, they took advantage of opportunities sitting in front of them. They had access to people like Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, and Steve Case, one of the co-founders of America Online, who became two of their first investors. Jammet had done a college internship with a prominent New York restaurateur, Joe Bastianich, who ended up investing in the restaurant, too.

The chain conveys a decidedly hipster vibe in its stores. The company calls its workers “team members” and “coaches.” The founders pride themselves in maintaining a great atmosphere by relating well with employees. When someone leaves the company, be it a food supplier or an app developer, the founders want to know why, so they can understand the reasoning.

Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen. He’s also a principal at SWTLF Ventures. He says his goal is to serve high quality food to more and more people. One of his heroes is Kevin Plank, of Under Armour, because he runs a company that stands for something larger than just itself.


New Brunswick DEVCO Needs More Time To Pay Back $20 Million CRDA Loan

According to DEVCO’s About Us page, The New Brunswick Development Corporation was mentioned by the New York Times as being a “powerful engine for economic growth.” However, these days, the non-profit urban real estate development company is under fire for an alleged unpaid $20 million loan from the CRDA or Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.
In an article by the, the loan was issued in 2005 to DEVCO for a constructive facelift to the run-down The Heldrich, a 235-room New Brunswick hotel and conference center. The 11-story facility is located at Livingston Avenue in the heart of the city’s cultural district.

The Heldrich re-opened in 2007, but has since struggled in trying to draw guests. It is reported that the hotel is only operating at about 63.5 percent capacity. Nearby Johnson & Johnson corporation was listed as The Heldrich’s largest client.

New Jersey attorney Christopher Paladino put together the multi-million Heldrich loan. He admits times have been challenging for the hotel, but ensured the media that the CRDA will be paid back, but that might mean in “a couple more years.”

Meanwhile, claims that DEVCO corporation has been forced to use $776,000 of its own money to handle the most basic capital expenses, like mattress and carpet replacement.

Even though DEVCO was in charge of arranging the financing for the hotel and conference center, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority was, formally, the borrower of the $20 million.

DEVCO has a number of other completed projects sprinkled around the area, including the Rockoff Hall University Apartments, Gateway Transit Village/The Vue, Civic Square Public Safety Building, Middlesex County Family Courthouse and others.

In addition, DEVCO’s newest development is related to nearby Rutgers University. The New Brunswick Development Corporation has broken ground on a $300 million initiative for the university.


Become Part Of The Lovaganza 2015 Movement

You can easily become part of the 2015 Lovaganza movement. This is an organization that focuses on spreading peace throughout the world. However, they do not do this through the traditional methods and food and money. They do their best to spread peace through the use of local art. This is accomplished by people showing off their creative skills on while revolving their art around their culture. There are no 1st or 2nd place winner during this festival. Everyone is a winner just for getting out there and showing off their amazing culture.

Some people will show off their culture through the use of drawing, others with music, and still others with one-person plays. There will also be many amazing artifacts on that will be displayed and sold during this festival, too. An amazing thing about this festival is that it is not limited to one part of the world. There is at least one city in every country participating in this event. Another amazing thing in Lovaganza is that people can also participate in this even online. You can go from country to country right from the comfort of your own home. No other event will ever give you this outstanding opportunity.

One of the great ways you can get involved in this event would be to visit the website of Lovaganza and find a city nearest you where this event is taking place. You can easily signup and be ready to go and perform your art in that city. It does not cost any many to register, and you may even be able to make money when showing off your work. The website is also filled with a lot of other help, too. For example, you can get directions to the nearest city where this event is taking place. You can also speak with a live representative if you have any concerns about the event.

Another great way you can help is by donating money to Lovaganza. All donations are used for great causes. Some of these causes might include providing water for the workers of the event or even helping people get plane/bus fare in order to get to one of these events. There are also many other ways you can help that do not require you spending money. These may include things like signing petitions, giving someone encouragement, or even telling your local mayor to get involved with this event.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

Devco Loans Are in Trouble

There is trouble afoot regarding the repayment of development funds for The Heldrich, a New Brunswick hotel and conference center that opened in 2007, just as the economy headed into a downturn. The Middlesex County Improvement Authority was due to pay $1 million for interest and the principal on the $20 million loan that was given to bankroll the project by the Casino Reinvestment Development authority.
The Press of Atlantic City has reported that the missed payments from the Improvement Authority for developments in the area now add up to $7 million. The Heldrich was developed by the New Brunswick Development Corporation (Devco).

It was hoped that DEVCO would act as a model of how public funding could be used to successfully create large construction projects in New Jersey. The timing for the hotel’s opening couldn’t have been worse, however, and since its opening the 235 room hotel has had a hard time attracting enough customers to really be viable. The hotel has had to use its own cash to pay for keeping the hotel running with improvements like basic upkeep and replacement of mattresses and carpeting.

Chris Paladino is the head of Devco, and he is still upbeat about the project and its value. In his view, the hotel turned around an area that had been rundown before. He added, however, that’d he be much happier with the project overall once its debt is completely repaid.