Ricardo Tosto Provides the Best Legal Assistance in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian lawyer who has garnered great reputation in the Brazilian legal field. He has represented companies and people in cases that have gained lots of attention in Brazil. Besides defending his clients in court, Mr. Tosto is among the pioneers who adopted several legal mechanisms that are currently being used as legal tools.

Ricardo Tosto is a Mackenzie University alumnus who graduated with a degree in Law. He also studied Business Administration at Fundação Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP). Mr. Tosto practices commercial law, administrative law and credit recovery among others. He is also a partner and one of the founders of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. This law firm is one of the best firms in Brazil and is even listed in the top ten law firms in the country by trade publication Yearbook Analysis Advocacy 500. The firm has its headquarters in Sao Paulo and has branches in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados deals with business law and offers extensive legal support for companies in various industries. The firm also has a proven history of excellence in the practice of conflict resolution such as administrative and judicial ligation as well as arbitration.

Ricardo Tosto is a proficient Brazilian Lawyer who is approved by the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (OAB) to practice law. Besides being a member of the OAB, Mr. Tosto is a former president of the Judicial Reform Committee and the Judicial Modernization Committee at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil/Sao Paulo Section (OAB/SP).

The Order of Attorneys of Brazil, also known as the Brazilian Bar Association is an organization made up of more than 847,921 lawyers. The lawyers regulate the legal profession in Brazil and ensure that lawyers comply with the government regulations concerning the law and all professions associated with it.

The organization was founded as a private institution in 1843 and still works as an independent agency. However, it works with the government to make sure that the lawyer members are upholding the Brazilian Constitution. The members of the Attorneys of Brazil (OAB) are approved by the bar examination and can appear before the Court as well as provide legal consultation to clients.

Universities and Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management a useful tool, better than a traditional resume because it is more informative.

In today’s job market the perspective employer routinely looks the applicant up online. With a website and reputation management, you are able to show your abilities to a better degree. You are able to show your past work or articles that you may have written. You are creating a digital footprint,

You would be surprised at how easy it is for someone to malign you online and it will stick with you for years to come.

Even though you have a college degree, stop and think about how many employers have asked to see your diploma, or ask about your grade point average.

Therefore as Onlinereputationreviews.com suggests, the universities should teach classes in reputation management in order to help their students obtain their goals. A class that encompasses the social media, how dangerous it can be and also the opportunities to be had. You can gain an audience that reflects on your business instead of just socializing with your friends. Whether you are aware of it or not, the social media channels can actually garner your business opportunities.

Approximately 84% of the decision makers of today will start by using a referral. Google is usually the first place they look for these referrals. This is one reason that you need to get that online presence out there.

It seems silly to work to perfect a resume when the first place that the employer is going to look is the internet. 75% of all Human Resource Departments have programs for just this purpose, and they will learn everything they can.

You can put your business in the forefront by building a great brand that will bring you in the sales you need. There should be a course about building your value as a prospective employee and teaches you how to build that great brand.

The most important thing about the online reputation management is learning how to manage them. We can only hope that the colleges and universities start to take our present digital world a bit more seriously and start teaching people how to manage their online reputations.

An article on www.entrepreneur.com/article/280365 has a lot more information on this subject and is worth looking at.

A Brief Recap of Sweetgreen Salad Chain

Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru were fresh out of college at Georgetown when they opened up a restaurant. Their aim was to establish a healthy but hip place that would be farm-to-table. They called it Sweetgreen, and they received funding from about forty relatives and friends. They’ve done better than they could have imagined. Eight years later, they preside over a chain. Sweetgreen has opened in 31 places, and is preparing to open another nine restaurants by year’s end.

But that’s not all. They’ve also flown past three rounds of venture capital worth $95 million. Jammet, one of the company’s co-CEOs, recently sat down for an interview with Bloomberg. He explained how the germ for their company was seeded and how they’ve progressed with their lucrative business project.

The three co-founders met their freshman year of college at Georgetown. As graduation approached, the three were dissatisfied with the structured employment options lying ahead of them, the last thing they wanted was to working long hours in an office cubicle. Children of entrepreneurs, they quickly decided to strike out on their own and build their own business.

They quickly zeroed in on healthy food options in Georgetown, or the lack-thereof. They opened a salad shop offering healthy and nutritious options. Now, all these years later, their business pitch hasn’t changed. They don’t just sell healthy food, they sell a set of values about doing things correctly and sustainably.

Plus, they took advantage of opportunities sitting in front of them. They had access to people like Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, and Steve Case, one of the co-founders of America Online, who became two of their first investors. Jammet had done a college internship with a prominent New York restaurateur, Joe Bastianich, who ended up investing in the restaurant, too.

The chain conveys a decidedly hipster vibe in its stores. The company calls its workers “team members” and “coaches.” The founders pride themselves in maintaining a great atmosphere by relating well with employees. When someone leaves the company, be it a food supplier or an app developer, the founders want to know why, so they can understand the reasoning.

Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen. He’s also a principal at SWTLF Ventures. He says his goal is to serve high quality food to more and more people. One of his heroes is Kevin Plank, of Under Armour, because he runs a company that stands for something larger than just itself.


New Brunswick DEVCO Needs More Time To Pay Back $20 Million CRDA Loan

According to DEVCO’s About Us page, The New Brunswick Development Corporation was mentioned by the New York Times as being a “powerful engine for economic growth.” However, these days, the non-profit urban real estate development company is under fire for an alleged unpaid $20 million loan from the CRDA or Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.
In an article by the PressOfAtlanticCity.com, the loan was issued in 2005 to DEVCO for a constructive facelift to the run-down The Heldrich, a 235-room New Brunswick hotel and conference center. The 11-story facility is located at Livingston Avenue in the heart of the city’s cultural district.

The Heldrich re-opened in 2007, but has since struggled in trying to draw guests. It is reported that the hotel is only operating at about 63.5 percent capacity. Nearby Johnson & Johnson corporation was listed as The Heldrich’s largest client.

New Jersey attorney Christopher Paladino put together the multi-million Heldrich loan. He admits times have been challenging for the hotel, but ensured the media that the CRDA will be paid back, but that might mean in “a couple more years.”

Meanwhile, PressOfAtlanticCity.com claims that DEVCO corporation has been forced to use $776,000 of its own money to handle the most basic capital expenses, like mattress and carpet replacement.

Even though DEVCO was in charge of arranging the financing for the hotel and conference center, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority was, formally, the borrower of the $20 million.

DEVCO has a number of other completed projects sprinkled around the area, including the Rockoff Hall University Apartments, Gateway Transit Village/The Vue, Civic Square Public Safety Building, Middlesex County Family Courthouse and others.

In addition, DEVCO’s newest development is related to nearby Rutgers University. The New Brunswick Development Corporation has broken ground on a $300 million initiative for the university.


Become Part Of The Lovaganza 2015 Movement

You can easily become part of the 2015 Lovaganza movement. This is an organization that focuses on spreading peace throughout the world. However, they do not do this through the traditional methods and food and money. They do their best to spread peace through the use of local art. This is accomplished by people showing off their creative skills on euroweeklynews.com while revolving their art around their culture. There are no 1st or 2nd place winner during this festival. Everyone is a winner just for getting out there and showing off their amazing culture.

Some people will show off their culture through the use of drawing, others with music, and still others with one-person plays. There will also be many amazing artifacts on finance.yahoo.com that will be displayed and sold during this festival, too. An amazing thing about this festival is that it is not limited to one part of the world. There is at least one city in every country participating in this event. Another amazing thing in Lovaganza is that people can also participate in this even online. You can go from country to country right from the comfort of your own home. No other event will ever give you this outstanding opportunity.

One of the great ways you can get involved in this event would be to visit the website of Lovaganza and find a city nearest you where this event is taking place. You can easily signup and be ready to go and perform your art in that city. It does not cost any many to register, and you may even be able to make money when showing off your work. The website is also filled with a lot of other help, too. For example, you can get directions to the nearest city where this event is taking place. You can also speak with a live representative if you have any concerns about the event.

Another great way you can help is by donating money to Lovaganza. All donations are used for great causes. Some of these causes might include providing water for the workers of the event or even helping people get plane/bus fare in order to get to one of these events. There are also many other ways you can help that do not require you spending money. These may include things like signing petitions, giving someone encouragement, or even telling your local mayor to get involved with this event.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://celebmafia.com/marie-ange-casta-the-lovaganza-convoy-part-2-the-prophecy-set-photos-198928/

Devco Loans Are in Trouble

There is trouble afoot regarding the repayment of development funds for The Heldrich, a New Brunswick hotel and conference center that opened in 2007, just as the economy headed into a downturn. The Middlesex County Improvement Authority was due to pay $1 million for interest and the principal on the $20 million loan that was given to bankroll the project by the Casino Reinvestment Development authority.
The Press of Atlantic City has reported that the missed payments from the Improvement Authority for developments in the area now add up to $7 million. The Heldrich was developed by the New Brunswick Development Corporation (Devco).

It was hoped that DEVCO would act as a model of how public funding could be used to successfully create large construction projects in New Jersey. The timing for the hotel’s opening couldn’t have been worse, however, and since its opening the 235 room hotel has had a hard time attracting enough customers to really be viable. The hotel has had to use its own cash to pay for keeping the hotel running with improvements like basic upkeep and replacement of mattresses and carpeting.

Chris Paladino is the head of Devco, and he is still upbeat about the project and its value. In his view, the hotel turned around an area that had been rundown before. He added, however, that’d he be much happier with the project overall once its debt is completely repaid.


The Feelings Of Comfort at Tarrallucci e Vino

Stepping into an Italian restaurant can give anyone feelings of nostalgia. Taste buds can go haywire, just from smelling the different blends of herbs and seasonings that awaits. Just ask any American what they love most about Italian food. They will say, it’s their love for the old recipes that were handed down through time. Italian Chiefs are renowned for using the freshest of ingredients in their dishes.

There is the ever-present Olive oil which is packed with loads of vitamins and antioxidants. It is also known for lowering bad cholesterol(LDL)and raising good cholesterol(HDL). There are also claims of lowering blood pressure and protection against diseases and stroke. There’s a lot of talk about Garlic lately. Italians love dropping it in their dishes, every chance they get. Maybe, because it is an antioxidant with natural antibiotic properties. Most of us know, tomatoes are loaded with potassium and vitamins. Some reports state they are fat burners and can aid in reducing inflammation.

Another ingredient is Basil, which helps to boost the immune system and ward off cancer. Then, there is the mouth-watering mushroom, a compliment to any Italian dish. It can help lower blood pressure and may even reduce the risk of heart attacks. These are only a few of the ingredients found in Italian cooking. So, not only do they tantalize the palette but, they also have some additional health benefits.

Tarrallucci e Vino, located in Union Square, is one Italian restaurant where feelings of reminiscence definitely take place. It not only offers delicious food but, events planning spaces that are available for Weddings, Christmas, Bramitza’s, or any special occasion. The Chef will bring you taste your taste buds to life, with his awe-inspired dishes.

The Mezzanine opens up to a small room, which seats about thirty or eighty people for cocktails. It is so inviting, making one feel like they are in the comforts of their homes. There is a bar, lounge area, artwork and for the wine lovers, there is a fully stocked cellar. The sixth floor boasts a loft, which holds as many as one hundred and twenty guests. It too has a bar and lounge area but, the striking mirrors along with the stunning chandeliers will definitely leave a lasting impression. The entire are is handicap accessible.

Tarrallucci e Vino offers the best event spaces and most inspired dishes for any occasion. Whether it’s just a few friends gathering or a big special day, they are there to make the time spent, pleasant and memorable.

Read their reviews here:


Reputation Management Firm Exploding With Success

Status Labs has been growing fast, bolstered by customers’ desire to put their best shoe forward. Status Labs even made to the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies. This has helped them maintain a reputation for quality in the booming public reputation industry. From 2012 to 2015, Status Labs grew 1099%. This is a substantial Apple like growth target, that helps bring attention to the need for cleaning up the reputations of leading business figures. CEO Darius Fisher has made it his objective to help leading public figures have a clean image on the internet. With the ease of internet access these days, sometimes it can be hard to hide negative information if someone posts it.

“We are honored to be named to the Inc. 500 List of fastest-growing companies,” Fisher proclaimed. Other top companies that made the list include Domino’s Pizza, Pandora, Zillow, and Yelp. Status Labs is the top public relations firm. It has offices in New York, Austin, and São Paulo. Status Labs desires to help its prestigious clients have a quality image whenever their customers or voters look up their online information. One of their core areas of innovation is catering search results to the major internet browsers. That way, when a disgruntled former employee or staffer posts something sketchy, it does not ruin the client’s hopes of reelection. Status Labs has clients from over 35 countries including the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

Proud of their global reach, Status Labs is bursting forward as the leader in quality reputation management.

High Fashion at Low Costs

JustFab is an online retailer offering fashion at a fraction of the cost of other name brand companies. The website offers shoppers a variety of trendy items. The low cost makes the products very desirable for those who might not otherwise be able to afford to purchase new on point items each month.

The clothing company has monthly subscriptions and a monthly charge. Subscribers are charged a small fee of $39.95 if no items are purchased during that month. The fee however, can go towards future purchases during the same calendar month.

In the beginning of the year, subscription-based companies experienced soaring sales. Most companies however, experienced a huge decline in sales later in the same year. Most companies that is, except for JustFab. According to The LaTimes, JustFab hopes to see profits of over six million dollars.

So, in spite of the decrease in sales many online subscription companies are experiencing, JustFab is growing. The company has even purchased two other online subscription based companies. What is this internet company doing different than their competitors?

For starters, JustFab has great sales such as buy one get on half off items. How could any fashion forward shopper turn down budget friendly deals like that? JustFab also offers personalized style quizzes to help shoppers determine the styles that best suit them while continuing to send encouraging emails promoting new styles, savings, and bargains.

Another possible contributing factor to the company’s success might be the sheer nature of their subscribers. People as a whole are busier now than ever and with the policy that subscribers must purchase items by the fifth of each month or be charged a fee, they will be naturally more inclined to go ahead and make a purchase for that month. This is especially true since the fee will be charged if one forgets to cancel so they might as well make at least a $40 purchase.

According to BusinessInsider, JustFab has a good thing going with no stopping point in sight. Check out this company’s website for more information.

Dick DeVos Accomplishments Throughout the Years

Anyone who has tried to go down the road of becoming an entrepreneur understands the difficulties and struggles that often get in their path to success. One person who understands these struggles and road blocks is a man named Dick DeVos. DeVos has a short message for anyone considering becoming an entrepreneur or anyone who is considered to start a small business and that message is, “be bold. Take the first step today. Smile. Be humble. Work hard. Volunteer. Tutor. The important thing is to make a difference and follow through on your commitments.” Dick DeVos happens to be a very inspirational man and his past endeavors prove that his accomplished are nothing but well deserved.

Dick DeVos began his business adventure in a few different businesses serving executive positions at Amway, the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and The Windquest Group. The Windquest Group is currently the position in which DeVos resides in now. He is actually the president of the Windquest Group. He first serving executive positions at Amway where he served as president between the years 1993-2002. During his time at Amway, he was in charge of company’s operations in 50 countries and six continents. During his time at Amway he also added another business to his list, he became President and CEO of the Orlando Magic in 1991, a role he held for three years.

Dick DeVos has not held his focus completely on his own business career. He is also highly involved in the community and devoted to helping the younger generation succeed and fulfill their own dreams. He developed the Freedom Fund, which awarded more than 4,000 scholarships to underprivileged children in Michigan. DeVos has also written a New York Times best-selling book, “Rediscovering American Values” where he discusses what used to be important when it came to American values, and how the values seem to have fallen by the waist side. It is one of his missions to return these values to the American population so that we can truly succeed in the business and cooperate world.

And do not think that DeVos is all business because he does like to have fun everyone once in a while when he is not grinding away at his work. He is actually a two-time national champion sailor, and enjoy flying jet aircraft and helicopters. He is also a family man and has been married to his wife, Betsy Prince for 35 years and they now have seven children and five grandchildren.