Securus Technologies in Law Enforcement for Prevention and Solving Crimes

Securus Technologies is a technology company that was created to deal with crime especially in prisons or correctional facilities. It was established in 1986. Located in the United States of America and Canada and the headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. However, it has several more regional offices all over the continent. It has proved very helpful in monitoring criminal related activities in these correctional facilities. This monitoring is for the betterment of the whole society at large. It because it ensures the safety of inmates, their families, and even parolees.


Below is a brief of what Securus Technologies company does.


According to the chairman and CEO of the company, Richard A. Smith, the company averagely produces a product every week that helps in law enforcement. These products are to either solve or prevent crime.


The company helps monitor calls from correctional facilities. It has helped solve crimes such as drug abuse, selling and purchasing of these drugs and other contraband. The requests also help track suspicious conversations and threats that could cause more crimes or hinder public safety and even inmates’ safety. The calls also assist in investigations. When recorded, they can act as prove in courts. The officers in charge too, are monitored as some are involved in all manners of corruption in the prisons.


Additionally, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) in Texas accredited the Securus Technologies Company and gave it a rating of A+. The excellent score speaks volumes about the technology company. This means that the company and the bureau are working together to meet the required standards.


These standards include:


  • Having integrity in all their activities
  • Maintaining a positive track record
  • Being transparent
  • Honoring their promises
  • Being responsive, fast and efficiently
  • Being trustworthy


Securus has also improved customer care services. They have ensured this by providing domestic call center. Their customer services are good with a rating of 4.3 out of 5.


Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Comment on Using Technology to Solve and Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of criminal and civil justice solutions in the industry. For over three decades of professional experience, Securus Technologies has always strived to become part of the technology solution for every business needs their clients have in the inmate and correctional facilities across North American and the United States. Securus Technologies is geared towards the development of intimidating business capabilities that act as the gateway for better business in the industry. For those seeking fast working solutions, they can work to develop a new business management policy with Securus Technologies as it is the leader in the technology solutions in the industry.


The company prides itself on the reputation it has over a wide range of facilitated business capabilities in the world of business and management. Here are the sample comments that the company prides itself for becoming part of the technology solution to the problems many prison officials as well as law enforcement agencies have. Because of their high-end technology solutions, Securus Technologies is considered as one of the best industries that achieve the most sophisticated capabilities for better business management. Securus Technologies is working towards becoming the sole provider of technology that can be used to solve and prevent crimes in the inmate industry.


Let us look at a small sample of comments from the email and letter communications that were developed from the numerous samples in the world of business and solutions. Some of the most prominent respondents of such emails and report letters were the prison officials who have directly benefited from the use of the technology offered by Securus Technologies for better business and management capabilities. There are specific references to the states that have been redacted for a wide range of institutions that responded because of their intense solutions. Securus Technologies is the key to success with technology in the inmate industry.