New York Event Planner’s New Book Big Name Dropper

DeJuan Stroud is a renowned New Yorker, well known for his over the top floral presentations, astounding dinner parties, and now, a new tell-all book. His book is called ‘Designing Life’s Celebrations,’ and is in the large “coffee table” format. CultureMap Houston interviewed Stroud when he came to Houston to do a book signing at Back Row Home, an antiques and home furniture seller. CultureMap took special interest when it was learned he speaks and acts quite Southern; he is actually originally a native from nearby Alabama.

CultureMap published the transcript of an interview done with DeJuan Stroud while he was in Houston. He indicated that planning events for top business people, such as Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump, and for entertainment stars, such as Jon Bon Jovi, motivates him to create and plan at the top of his game. He has great memories of celebrations he has created that included names like Aretha Franklin.

Stroud says there are three primary elements that make a successful party:

1. An exciting venue that also calms and settles party goers.
2. Something present that holds everyone’s attention.
3. Good lighting effects that make people look their best.

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