The Feelings Of Comfort at Tarrallucci e Vino

Stepping into an Italian restaurant can give anyone feelings of nostalgia. Taste buds can go haywire, just from smelling the different blends of herbs and seasonings that awaits. Just ask any American what they love most about Italian food. They will say, it’s their love for the old recipes that were handed down through time. Italian Chiefs are renowned for using the freshest of ingredients in their dishes.

There is the ever-present Olive oil which is packed with loads of vitamins and antioxidants. It is also known for lowering bad cholesterol(LDL)and raising good cholesterol(HDL). There are also claims of lowering blood pressure and protection against diseases and stroke. There’s a lot of talk about Garlic lately. Italians love dropping it in their dishes, every chance they get. Maybe, because it is an antioxidant with natural antibiotic properties. Most of us know, tomatoes are loaded with potassium and vitamins. Some reports state they are fat burners and can aid in reducing inflammation.

Another ingredient is Basil, which helps to boost the immune system and ward off cancer. Then, there is the mouth-watering mushroom, a compliment to any Italian dish. It can help lower blood pressure and may even reduce the risk of heart attacks. These are only a few of the ingredients found in Italian cooking. So, not only do they tantalize the palette but, they also have some additional health benefits.

Tarrallucci e Vino, located in Union Square, is one Italian restaurant where feelings of reminiscence definitely take place. It not only offers delicious food but, events planning spaces that are available for Weddings, Christmas, Bramitza’s, or any special occasion. The Chef will bring you taste your taste buds to life, with his awe-inspired dishes.

The Mezzanine opens up to a small room, which seats about thirty or eighty people for cocktails. It is so inviting, making one feel like they are in the comforts of their homes. There is a bar, lounge area, artwork and for the wine lovers, there is a fully stocked cellar. The sixth floor boasts a loft, which holds as many as one hundred and twenty guests. It too has a bar and lounge area but, the striking mirrors along with the stunning chandeliers will definitely leave a lasting impression. The entire are is handicap accessible.

Tarrallucci e Vino offers the best event spaces and most inspired dishes for any occasion. Whether it’s just a few friends gathering or a big special day, they are there to make the time spent, pleasant and memorable.

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