Everything You Need to Know About the Kabbalah Centre

By now many of you have probably heard of Kabbalah. Stars like Madonna and Ashton Kutcher have all studied and been to the centers in Both New York and Los Angeles. If you are a fan of Madonna, than you know how this study of Jewish mysticism has changed her life for the better.

How many of us know about Kabbalah though? We all hear about the celebrity status of it. However, not many know what truly lies behind the study of it. This is what this question and answer sheet is all about. We are here to dissect the true definition of Kabbalah and how it can possibly help out some of you.


It predates religion. It takes the Jewish religion and exposes the underbelly of it all. The study of Kabbalah explores the cause and effect of everything we do and say. When you study it, you learn how all your actions and words have an effect on everything else around you. If you want positivity, you need to put it out. If you put out some sort of negative energy, it will come back to you.

It teaches you to take responsibility of your own life. It combines both the spiritual principles that God and Jesus taught us and adds in a scientific touch to it.


Anyone can study it. It doesn’t matter if you have come from another religious background or not. You can be Catholic and study it. It’s all about bringing purpose to your life.

Can those who are non-Jewish study it? Traditionally, this has been the question with the deepest misconceptions. Yes, if you are not Jewish you can study it too. These are simply classes. Students study from the Torah and the Zohar.

Do you have to stay? No, you do not. These classes are for everyone. If you like them, you can stay. If you don’t, then you are free to leave.

Do I have to pay for them? Yes. Unfortunately, this is the one downside to taking these classes. The payment options differ for every level. It all depends on how deep you go and which classes you take. Find the Kabbalah Centre on Facebook to learn more.