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IAP Worldwide Services Solutions is a leading global service company headquartered in Cape Canaveral. This firm majors in the provision of facilities management, global-scale logistics, technical and advanced professional services to clients. For over 60 years, IAP Solutions has provided a wide spectrum of solutions and services for several organizations, international government agencies as well as the US government. Unlike other firms in this industry, this firm provides unique seasoned program management and IAP leverages that aim at delivering innovative, safe and reliable solutions thus meeting the complex and diverse needs of clients. IAP Solutions has over 2000 employees in more than 25 states around the globe. This therefore ensures that both private and public sector customers are well served thus managing their most demanding challenges.

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With this firm, you are assured of making your dreams turn to realities. Our services range from simple to complicated tasks such as overseas battles and natural disasters. Our team of professionals is trained to plan, coordinate and give solutions to technical challenges and complicated logistical whenever a notice is given. We manage, operate and maintain all military installations of small cities, remote research laboratories as well as civilian facilities. With IAP Solutions you are guaranteed proper management techniques and technologies that have been made possible by the flexibility of the workforce within the firm.

Through the international network of integrated capabilities, IAP Worldwide Services enables the US government fulfill its missions successfully in any dynamic environment. Despite the emerging trends of new technologies, we are prepared to give solutions to all challenges rising from the global environment. Our ability to not only meet clients’ needs but also exceed their expectations has enabled this company build a good reputation around the world thus being recognized as a reliable and responsive market leader. We adopt our customer’s missions and make them ours. This enables us channel our passion, experience and conviction to inventive solutions that deliver exceptional results.


This firm has managed to achieve success following four competences which have worked as the cornerstone. These principles include focus, agility, commitment and capabilities. Each individual’s contribution is celebrated and honored and this has encouraged creativity among clients and specialists working within this firm. At all levels of operation, we are dedicated to sustainable readiness which is made possible through expertise, ingenuity and proven technology. Recently this firm announced its acquisition of two big business units and this is a clear indication of great progress.

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