Equities First Holdings Being the Backbone of Enterprises in Australia

Equities First Holdings and its Australian subsidiary recently decided to transact with Environmental Clean Technologies in a means to raise funds to be geared toward major projects in India. Equities First Holdings specializes in the provision of alternative shareholder funding, and its Australian subsidiary is situated in Sydney.

Environmental Clean Technologies is situated in Melbourne and offers professional service in engineering R&D and commercialization of iron making and coal beneficiation technologies. The company will be issued with the necessary funds by Equities First Holdings to finance a research and development facility in India worth $30 million.

President and Chief Executive Officer of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy, Jr., said that Environmental Clean Technologies has a competent management and a well-formulated strategy for future success. The former company was more than happy in assisting the latter with the necessary funds in order to achieve its financial goals.