Norka Luque Is A Singer On A Soulful Mission

Singers are special people. Somehow they send musical notes through the air, and they touch human emotions in ways that defy common sense. Natural born singers like Venezuelan Norka Luque send out positive messages that invigorate the soul and massage the psyche. Norka was born to be a singer and thanks to her astute parents she was given every opportunity to pursue a musical career. At the age of eight, Norka was cast in a musical written by the noted songwriter Luis Miguel. Miguel’s music was the perfect match for young Norka and that experience solidified her desire to be a singer when she completed secondary school.

Thanks to her mother and father, Norka was able to studies business administration in France. While she studied, she joined a young rock band that traveled to small towns on the weekends to play in popular clubs for the young generation. Her band, Bad Moon Rising, gave Norka the experience she needed to sing in front of a crowd of rowdy kids that wanted to listen and dance to a new sound. Norka had a style and a tone that turned her audience into a moving music machine that filled the dance floor and rocked the night away.

In 2007, Norka got tickets to see Ricky Martin and that concert changed her life. Martin’s music was her kind of music. She knew Martin was produced by the legendary Grammy-award-winning producer Emilio Estefan. Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine were her childhood musical heroes. Gloria Estefan, Emilio’s wife and the lead singer of the Miami Sound Machine, was her idol. Norka made the decision to move to Miami to further her music career.

It didn’t take long for Norka to make a name for herself in Miami clubs. Somehow Emilio Estefan got word that a young Venezuelan singer with a new style was the talk of the young music lovers that came to dance every weekend in the Latino clubs. Estefan came by one of the clubs one night, and after hearing one of Norka’s sets, he immediately decided to be her record producer.

Norka’s dream came true the night Estefan decided to produce her music. In 2011, Norka’s first single, Can I do It Tu, was released. The music was composed by Venezuelan Archie Pena and produced by Emilio Estefan Jr. In 2011, Norka was nominated female pop singer of the year, and in 2012 her second single, Milagro, was released.

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