Become Part Of The Lovaganza 2015 Movement

You can easily become part of the 2015 Lovaganza movement. This is an organization that focuses on spreading peace throughout the world. However, they do not do this through the traditional methods and food and money. They do their best to spread peace through the use of local art. This is accomplished by people showing off their creative skills on while revolving their art around their culture. There are no 1st or 2nd place winner during this festival. Everyone is a winner just for getting out there and showing off their amazing culture.

Some people will show off their culture through the use of drawing, others with music, and still others with one-person plays. There will also be many amazing artifacts on that will be displayed and sold during this festival, too. An amazing thing about this festival is that it is not limited to one part of the world. There is at least one city in every country participating in this event. Another amazing thing in Lovaganza is that people can also participate in this even online. You can go from country to country right from the comfort of your own home. No other event will ever give you this outstanding opportunity.

One of the great ways you can get involved in this event would be to visit the website of Lovaganza and find a city nearest you where this event is taking place. You can easily signup and be ready to go and perform your art in that city. It does not cost any many to register, and you may even be able to make money when showing off your work. The website is also filled with a lot of other help, too. For example, you can get directions to the nearest city where this event is taking place. You can also speak with a live representative if you have any concerns about the event.

Another great way you can help is by donating money to Lovaganza. All donations are used for great causes. Some of these causes might include providing water for the workers of the event or even helping people get plane/bus fare in order to get to one of these events. There are also many other ways you can help that do not require you spending money. These may include things like signing petitions, giving someone encouragement, or even telling your local mayor to get involved with this event.

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Lovaganza announcement provides hope for uniting the world’s cultures and celebration for the future

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Uniting the world is the ultimate goal of the Lovaganza foundation. Founders J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon have a dream that uniting the world will create the paradise that all of us long for but have not seen. They believe in a universal quality of life where everyone receives the healthcare, food and shelter, education and safety they need. Their focus is on children with six goals they hope to accomplish once the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise reaches their goals of uniting the world’s cultures through music and entertainment.

Goal Setting and Connections
To achieve the lofty goals set by the Lovaganza foundation, the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise created some goal setting priorities of their own. The idea of creating a spectacular worldwide celebration came from nostalgia for the World Fairs of yesteryear. World Fairs showcased the innovation, culture and entertainment of the world.

The Lovaganza– A Bohemian Adventure hopes to capture that spirit with a six month global entertainment extravaganza featuring cultures around the world. The organizers originally planned to launch the extravaganza in 2015 but decided to push it forward to 2020.

Newer technology according to news sources has increased the need for the change. At this point in time, a number of goals have already been set and accomplished through the entertainment franchise on Facebook. Filming in four continents and making the necessary connections were two of the short term goals accomplished at studios around the world and on location. Traveling Immerscopeª theaters will be sent out as part of the global celebration.

Hands across the Worldª
The catalyst for Lovaganza’s work will be a symbolic gesture during the last week of the extravaganza where everyone from all eight regions of the world will join hands. This symbolism will cement the long term goals set by the foundation for unity of the whole world.

Hope and Celebration for the World
Many diverse cultures but one unifying message of peace is what Lovaganza hopes to accomplish with its foundation. Celebrating the world’s unique cultures is just one way to promote the ongoing needs for quality of life for all the world’s children. The eight flagship locations were chosen by their region and by the uniqueness of their culture. The United States, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Oceania are well represented in the film trilogy that will be shown in the traveling shows.

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