Brian Bonar: A Man on a Mission

Brian Bonar is a big businessman and a successful executive in the department of finance. Brian was appointed as the chairman and the chief executive officer of the Trucept since March 2010. The company was formerly known as Smart-Tech Solution Inc. Bonar also serves as the Principal Account Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer of the enterprise.

Bonar received his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, a doctorate from Staffordshire University and an MBA from the same University.

The amount of experience Bonar has gained working with various companies in financial department is outstanding and incredible. One of the companies he had previously managed includes Dalrada financial corporation.

Bonar also studied at Watt Technical College where he attained his Bachelor’s Degree, and this is where he learned his technical methods of approaching business. His educational background plays a major and significant role in his success in the business world today.

He has a good reputation of pursuing business and making great achievements. Bonar has worked his way up through various positions in different organizations as he dreamed of moving to a higher level, he established his company and called it Bezier systems.

The main techniques that make him different from his workmates are the facts that he has special techniques and approach in business. He is very creative and combines that with his technical genius and the power of being an architect. In addition to his specialties come mergers and acquisitions hence he is bound for success in every business he pursues.

Serving at Trucept gives Bonar a chance to increase his experience and growth businesswise; the company mainly focuses on bringing solutions to other companies. Trucept helps manage the various department of an organization allowing the said company just to concentrate on doing business. Some of the department they manage includes human resource administration, running payrolls and staffing solutions as well as handling taxes among others. Brian is not just the president but also the chairman of the board members of the company.

July 2015, bityslink updated a post about Brian Bonar where he was described as a leader and an executive. The post further talks of Bonar’s business history and accomplishment. He served at IBM as a procurement manager before moving to QMS where he worked as the Director of Engineering and also managed over a 100 other staff in the company. He later joined Adaptec where he managed as Sales Manager. Upon gathering enough experience, Bonar started his organizations as mentioned above.

In 2000 Bonar received who is who in America’s award. Bonar is also a family man and loves spending time with his family. Other than working, Bonar enjoys boating and golfing during his free time.